Oct. 20th, 2015 06:19 am
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Choutarou, I'm going to have to cancel this afternoon's music lesson for Arashi. It's apparently that time of year when viruses are starting to go around, because she just woke me up half an hour before my alarm in tears because she doesn't feel good. I'd be mad, but the poor kiddo is miserable. She's got a fever and she's gotten sick a few times. Right now I'm just waiting for my boss to get to work so I can call out for the day. At least he knows I'm a single dad and has some sympathy for me for that. I'm pretty sure my wolves will last a day without me, my little girl needs me more than they do right now. 

Yo, Atobe

Oct. 5th, 2015 07:34 pm
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Happy birthday. Arashi made you a card covered in glitter, as fair warning. 

Never again

Oct. 5th, 2015 05:51 pm
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 I will never, EVER help out with the penguins again. EVER. I went to go help out with feedings because one of the regular staffers is out on family leave and one of those flightless bastard birds bit me! I don't get bit by my wolves, what the hell? Wolves don't even hunt penguins, and I hadn't even gone to see the wolves before feeding the penguins that day! I have determined the little assholes are not cute, they are evil. Pure evil.
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 For those of you who remember, back in July I had posted about the WCC losing their lone girl from this year's red wolf litter. I was in my Facebook feed today and saw some awesome news. f2120, aka Charlotte, is alive! The pup that had died in July had been partially decomposed, so they assumed it was her, but the health checks they did on the pups confirmed otherwise! Not only that, she's the second largest in the litter as of now. This is fantastic that she is still around and kicking, though it is sad news knowing that one of her brothers was the pup who passed away in July. Still, I can't help being happy to hear that the lone girl from this year's batch survived. Hopefully someday she'll have lots of healthy pups of her own and can help bring back her species from the brink of extinction.
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 I have so much respect for this guy. Wolves are one thing, but lions and hyenas? I couldn't do that. 

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Gotta say, the wolves are not digging the typhoons. I have to wonder if this is how they acted on their little islands before they got brought here, hunkering down and hiding in their dens for the worst of it. They barely come out for meal time unless the wind and rain have let up, not that I can blame them. I thought for sure Arashi was going to fly away the other morning on the way to preschool when the wind caught her little umbrella that she absolutely would not leave the apartment without. Thankfully, she was holding my hand, so I was able to keep her grounded, though she swears her feet weren't touching the sidewalk for a few seconds from that gust. 
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This is the first time in years that I've actually been home for Obon. And it's Arashi's first time experiencing it, too. When I told her about praying at the shrine for dead relatives, she insisted that we also go pray for the red wolf pup that passed away last month. Only girl in the litter, and she died from a perforation in her small intestine, the poor thing. So I suppose I'll be paying respects to her, too.

Also, anyone interested in seeing some of the more nocturnal animals actually awake and active, Ueno is holding a night safari. You can go through on your own or with a guide, and I'll be there for about three hours starting at 7pm. Feel free to stop by and come through the safari, and if you're really lucky, the wolves might just sing for you. 
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Well, the wolves are settled in pretty well. And they're really social with me, which is good. I'm working hard on getting Izanami and Amaterasu to really trust me and consider me as part of their pack so that way they won't freak out when I need to check on their pups when they eventually have litters. Also, thank god I have my family close by, too. I'll be going around to some of the other zoos that have wolves at them to makes sure that their wolves are doing well, and making sure that they're doing some of the same things I am for consistency. There aren't many experts on wolves in Japan, so apparently, I'm in high demand.  


Jul. 14th, 2015 04:42 pm
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Oh my god, life has been insane since the exhibit opened. It's a miracle I still have a voice from how much I talk all day, every day. The wolves are incredibly popular, and they're gradually adapting to the crowds and becoming more social. It's good to see them out and about in their enclosures, and the webcams are full of hits every day, too. People from all over the world watch the wolves in their enclosures, which spreads awareness for their species. I'm really happy about that part, because that means people all over the world care about them and want them and their wild relatives to thrive and prosper.

Now, I need more hot tea. With lemon. And honey. 
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 That's right, the wolf exhibits are finally opening today! The first look will be this afternoon after a big lunch and several guest speakers. Yours truly will be on hand talking about the wolves, and hopefully coaxing them into visible areas of their enclosures. There's a lot of brush and trees for them to feel more at home, but they really don't have much fear of humans, so I'm sure I'll be able to. Advance ticket holders who have backstage passes will have multiple opportunities to go behind the scenes to see how we're managing their health and meals. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Puppy time

Jun. 23rd, 2015 12:02 pm
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It occurs to me that I have gone too long without sharing pictures of red wolf puppies. Red wolves are still critically endangered, and a lot of policies that are trying to pass in the US will hurt them more. Also, I have some teaser shots of one of the Hokkaido wolves, Izanagi. So I'll start with him.

shh, we'll pretend this isn't Mexican Grey Wolf Rhett 

More picture )


Jun. 11th, 2015 01:40 pm
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Well, we've finally decided on names for the four wolves who will hopefully be ready to greet the public before July gets here. For the Honshu pair, the female will be Amaterasu, and the male will be Susano. And the Hokkaido  female will be Izanami, and the male will be Izanagi. Admin was pretty insistent on going with Shinto deity names, so I think we chose well.
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Happy 13th birthday, Atka. You're still my favorite of the ambassadors. ^_^
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 Well, while I'm still ticked I missed meeting Salty's litter in person, I am glad I can look online and see them. At nine days old, they'll be opening their eyes soon, which is awesome. Moose, ever the protective dad, keeps camping out on top of the den, which is neat of him. Since I'm still waiting on them to finish the enclosures for the Honshu pair and the Hokkaido pair, there's not a lot for me to do at work right now. Aside from getting them used to me, that is. Still working on names for the four, we're debating posing a contest online so people can suggest names for them. I think that would be cool, but I'm also still trying to talk the zoo into installing cameras in the exhibits for people to follow online. It would get more of the public involved and interested in the four of them.

But in the meantime, for anyone who wants to coo over a pile of red wolves, click here!


May. 10th, 2015 09:34 am
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 Anybody know if it's legal to keep pet foxes in Tokyo? I'm not even kidding, I really want to know. We took the kids to the fox village in Hokkaido for Golden Week, and it was awesome. They were all so cute and fluffy. I want one. Rio would get along with a little baby fox, I bet. He'd be a good role model, too. 
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Why the hell would I be freaking out? I mean, just because as soon as the new term starts, I'll be running my own cram school out of our new MANSION that Atobe got us, and just because the kids that have already signed up for lessons from me are relying on me to get them top scores on tests so they can get into the best schools, what could I possibly have to panic about? >.> And that panic attack this morning? Totally not me. It was some other guy...who looks just like me...and lives in my house... <.< >.> 
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 I dare you to start a cram school. You can use the extra space at your husband's new nursery.

Um, well, ok. I
 mean, I need to look into it to see what the licensing requirements are, but I can do that. I hope I'll get enough business from it and that it won't disrupt the nursery. But hell, if it means teaching again, I'm all for it. 
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 This wasn't so bad, really. But I thought I'd share the skirt I picked for it. FYI, it's barely mid-thigh.

Since this damn site won't let me post a picture, here's the skirt from the website I bought it from.
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 Why the hell not? I haven't really got anything else to do, seeing as how I haven't found another job yet.


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